Migrating Jazz.net articles to the Deployment wiki

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This article provides guidance for migrating content from Jazz.net articles into the wiki.

Migration procedure

  1. Select the article on Jazz.net. Verify that the article source originates on Jazz.net and is not linked from developerWorks or another external source.
  2. Open the article on Jazz.net.
  3. Copy the article text to the clipboard. Note: Copy only the text, and not the HTML tagging. If you copy the HTML tagging, you might introduce inconsistent styles or markup that the wiki does not support.
  4. Create a new topic page on the Deployment wiki with the name of the article converted to a WikiWord.
  5. Paste the article text onto the new topic page.
  6. If the article contains graphics, follow the steps in Migrating graphics.
  7. Format the topic page for the wiki. Basic wiki formatting help is shown at the bottom of the page when editing. For details on formatting topic pages and a full list of wiki shorthand, see Deployment wiki formatting guidance. You must add wiki shorthand for the following items in an article:
    • Headings
    • Lists
    • Bold, italic, or fixed font
    • Tables
    • Separators
  8. After your article is migrated to the wiki, the original Jazz.net article requires a banner that states:

    The content of this article has been migrated to the Deployment wiki: Version Compatibility Matrix for RRDI, CLM, and Rational Insight topic page. The content will be maintained and updated in the wiki going forward. Therefore, this version of the article might not contain the most up to date information. All deployment guidance and best practice will be published in the Deployment wiki rather than as Jazz.net articles going forward.

    The first hyperlink will be to the new topic page where the content of the jazz.net article has been migrated to. Please raise a new task within the JazzCS RTC project to request a banner to be added to the migrated Jazz.net article:
  9. Change all the links in the Deployment wiki that pointed to the old Jazz.net article to the new wiki topic page. The easiest way of finding the links that need to be changed is to search the wiki for the article number. This is critical to maintain the consistency of the Deployment wiki.

Formatting notes

  • The heading styles are different in Jazz.net and on the wiki. Use the wiki style rather than trying to retrofit the Jazz.net style.
  • The wiki converts any words that look like a WikiWord to a link to a potential wiki page. Common examples are WikiWord, WebSphere, SmartCloud, and DevOps. You can disable this behavior in two ways:
    • To disable individual instances, prefix the unintended WikiWord with an exclamation point (example: !WebSphere).
    • To disable all automatic linking of WikiWords, surround any portion of the page text with <noautolink> and </noautolink> tags.
  • To exclude a heading from the TOC, put !! after the heading notation (---+!!).
  • The wiki link notation opens the linked page in the same window as the current page. To open a link on a new tab or page, use a standard anchor tag with the target="_blank" attribute: <a href="http://www.ibm.com/" target="_blank">link text</a>.

Migrating graphics

  1. Right-click the graphic.
  2. Save the graphic on your hard drive.
  3. In the upper-right corner of your new wiki page, click Attach. (This link is not available when the page is in edit mode.)
  4. Select the file that you saved on your hard drive.
  5. In the Properties section, select Create a link to the attached file. A new img link is created at the bottom of the wiki page.
  6. Open the wiki page for editing. Copy the new img link from the bottom of the page to the clipboard. Paste the link where you want the graphic to be displayed. Delete the link and its accompanying code from the bottom of the page.
  7. To align the new img centrally and have an associated caption, use the following format:
<div style="text-align:center;"><img src="%ATTACHURLPATH%/image.png" alt="image.png" width="70%"/><br><br>

Jazz.net articles that have already been migrated to the Deployment wiki

Jazz.net articleSorted ascending Deployment wiki topic page
Configuring Enterprise CLM Reverse Proxies, Part 1: Understanding Reverse Proxy Understanding reverse proxy
Configuring Enterprise CLM Reverse Proxies: WebSphere 8 and IHS 8 Configuring Enterprise CLM Reverse Proxies: WebSphere 8 and IHS 8
  Configuring Enterprise CLM Reverse Proxies: WebSphere 8 and IHS 8
Part 3: Configuring Enterprise CLM Reverse Proxies: Apache and mod_proxy Configuring Enterprise CLM Reverse Proxies: Apache and mod_proxy
Version Compatibility Matrix for RRDI, CLM, and Rational Insight Version Compatibility Matrix for RRDI, CLM, and Rational Insight

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