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Several resources are available to help you troubleshoot issues with Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) products, including product documentation, technical articles, and user forums. The information listed below serves as a general guide to help direct you toward those resources.

General information

Product documentation

The product documentation provides information to help with general troubleshooting. See Using the product information centers for details, or these links for specific product versions.

Technical articles

Articles on and support generated troubleshooting technotes provide details about issues that have been addressed in the past.


User forums are always a great place to search as there are many issues that have been addressed by other users who are sharing their research on the forum.

Data collection

  • You can use the IBM Support Assistant Lite (ISA Lite) Data Collector tool to quickly collect diagnostic files, such as log files, configuration files or to run traces. This tool is bundled with CLM 4.x and above. ISA Lite collects information about your Jazz Team Server environment and stores the information in a .zip archive file. If you have a need to open a service request with IBM Rational Support for further assistance, you can send the archive file with the data collection so that they can help diagnose and fix problems.

Rational Support resources

If you are unable to resolve your issue using the online resources that are available, you might need to open a Service Request with Rational Support.

Performing an Initial Assessment will help provide some guidance in isolating the cause.

Rational Support resources:

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