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new.png Concerns when configuring Apache Tomcat

Authors: DanToczala Ralph Schoon
Build basis: CLM 2011 (product versions 3.x) and later

In general, Tomcat comes well configured by default with a Jazz installation. There are very few things to be concerned with.

Location of Configuration Files

The main files for configuring Tomcat can be found in server-install-dir/server/Tomcat/conf

  • server.xml is the main configuration file; you can configure the server ports and passwords here
  • tomcat-users.xml is the file containing the user registry if Tomcat is not configured for using LDAP

Some configuration can also be done in the server.startup.bat or server.startup.sh file in the folder server-install-dir/server.

Configuring the Server Ports

A Tomcat server uses several ports for communication. For the following reasons, you should consider the ports that are configured.

* By default Tomcat is configured to use the port 9443 for HTTPS communication. Since this is not the well known port for HTTPS, using this port requires to always enter it in the public URI. * If you want to run several Tomcat servers on one machine, you will get conflicting ports, as all servers try to reserve the same port for listening.

The ports Tomcat uses for communication are configured in server-install-dir/server/Tomcat/conf/server.xml. You can finde the locations where the ports are configured by searching for port=. Some entries might be commented out, you can ignore these. All others are active and you might want to change them or need to change them if you want to run serveral Tomcat servers on one machine.

The SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector for Tomcat is configured to use port 9443. You can change this port, for example to use the well known port 443, by changing the value e.g. from port="9443" to port="443". If you change the SSL port, make sure to also change all redirectPort entries to new SSL port. For example the AJP 1.3 Connector and the non SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector redirect to the SSL port and need to be changed too.

The non SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector for Tomcat is configured to use on port 9080. The port can be changed here if so desired or to avoid conflicts.

The AJP 1.3 Connector can conflict with another Tomcat instance and, in that case needs to be changed for one of the instances.

The Server Shutdown port is by default configured to 9005. You need to make sure to use different ports, if you run several Tomcat on one machine.

Configuring the Server Certificate

The SSL HTTP/1.1 Connector configuration section also specifies the certificate keystoreFile and =keystorePass=word. You want to configure these entries to a self signed or a official company certificate. See the help topic Configuring security certificates for more information.

Configuring the Shutdown Password

You might want to check the current documentation for Tomcat how to set a secure server shutdown password.

Configuring the Server Locale

The Tomcat server gets the locale from the environment. This locale has influence on the language the server uses to communicate feeds and other events. You can force the server locale to English in the server-install-dir/server/server.shotdown script. It is either a .bat or a .sh file. To force a specific locale, add an entry at the end of the section setting the JAVA_OPTS options. Add a line like

set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Duser.language=en

to set the locale to English.

Configuring the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) settings

These settings may have a large impact on the performance of your Jazz Team Server applications, and you should have these tracked somewhere as part of your solution architecture description. Often, it is best to start with the defaults suggested by the development team.

Special JVM flags for Oracle Java Runtime Environment 6.0, or JDK's at versions before 1.6 (CLM version 4.0.4 and later)

When using an Oracle JRE, you will need to add the following flags:

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