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CLM Server Monitoring using JConsole (DEPRECATED: CLM Server Monitoring is no longer supported and was dropped in version 6.0.3.)todo.png

Authors: Main.Gerald.Mitchell
Build basis: CLM 4.0.6 and higher


This information is used to test the activation and availability of CLM Server Monitor Plugin in CLM installations.

In general, you may refer to Jazz Monitoring through JMX as a reference point for testing the JMX connection being available to JConsole.

These instructions will be specific to viewing the CLM Server Monitoring MBeans and manipulating the MBeans through the JConsole interface.

Testing CLM Server Plugin availability for CLM running on Tomcat Application Servers using JConsole


Testing CLM Server Plugin availability for CLM running on WebSphere Application Servers using JConsole

JConsole Script Explanation

Values to be updated for each install

In the scripts, you should configure the following values (note of these values for future reference and configuration):
  • WAS_HOME: Should point to an WebSphere Home Directory eg. /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer or C:\Progra~1\WebSphere\AppServer
  • WAS_PROFILE: Should point to WAS profile being used. eg. /opt/IBM/WebSphere/AppServer/profiles/AppSrv01 or C:\Progra~1\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\AppSrv01, AppSrv01 is the profile value to use.
  • WAS_VERSION: The version of the WAS server jar files in use. If this is in question, manually check the value in WAS_HOME \runtimes\com.ibm.ws.orb_*.jar
  • CLM_HOST: The CLM Application host to connect to (where WebSphere Application Server is installed)
  • CLM_PORT: The port for the JMX Protocol. This can be confirmed on the CLM server at Servers > Server Types > App Servers > > Ports in the WebSphere Application Server Admin console where the CLM application is installed on. SOAP is usually on port 8880 by default and RMI is usually on the 2809 bootstrap port by default),
  • CLM_JMX_PROTOCOL: The JMX protocol, use rmi or soap as the values.

Additional information

  • setupCmdLine is a WebSphere Application Server command that sets up the command line to have the rest of the correct paths needed to interact with the WebSphere Application Server installation.
  • The version value is needed because the com.ibm.ws.admin.client, com.ibm.ws.ejb.thinclient, and com.ibm.ws.orb jar files have names that need to match that of the WebSphere Application Server installation in the instructions
  • jconsole -debug can be used to get more information to the commandline for JConsole during runtime.
  • alternately, instead of declaring the ConfigURL for IPC, SOAP, CORBA, etc. use the WebSphere Application Server variables ex. for bash: $JDK_HOME/bin/java -classpath $CLASSPATH $CLIENTSAS $CLIENTIPC $CLIENTSOAP $CLIENTSSL sun.tools.jconsole.JConsole service:jmx:$CLM_JMX_PROTOCOL://$WAS_HOST:$WAS_PORT/jndi/JMXConnector
  • Debug CORBA using -Dcom.ibm.CORBA.Debug=true -Dcom.ibm.CORBA.CommTrace=true -Dcom.ibm.CORBA.Debug.Output=client.log -Dcom.ibm.CORBA.loginUserid=admin -Dcom.ibm.CORBA.loginPassword=password

Windows JConsole Script

      @echo off
      set WAS_HOME=C:\Progra~1\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer
      set WAS_PROFILE=AppSrv01
      set WAS_VERSION=8.5.0

      set CLM_HOST=clm.jkebanking.net
      set CLM_PORT=2809
      set CLM_JMX_PROTOCOL=rmi


      call "%WAS_PROFILE_HOME%\bin\setupCmdLine.bat"

      set CLASSPATH="%JAVA_HOME%\lib\jconsole.jar"
      set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;"%WAS_HOME%\java\lib\tools.jar"
      set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;"%WAS_HOME%\java\jre\lib\ibmpkcs.jar"
      set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;"%WAS_HOME%\java\jre\lib\ext\ibmkeycert.jar"
      set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;"%WAS_HOME%\java\jre\lib\ext\ibmjceprovider.jar"
      set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;"%WAS_HOME%\runtimes\com.ibm.ws.admin.client_%WAS_VERSION%.jar"
      set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;"%WAS_HOME%\runtimes\com.ibm.ws.ejb.thinclient_%WAS_VERSION%.jar"
      set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;"%WAS_HOME%\runtimes\com.ibm.ws.orb_%WAS_VERSION%.jar"
      set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;"%WAS_HOME%\plugins\javax.j2ee.management.jar"

      "%JAVA_HOME%\bin\java" -classpath %CLASSPATH% -Dcom.ibm.IPC.ConfigURL=file:"%WAS_PROFILE_HOME%\properties\ipc.client.props" -Dcom.ibm.CORBA.ConfigURL=file:"%WAS_PROFILE_HOME%\properties\sas.client.props" -Dcom.ibm.SOAP.ConfigURL=file:"%WAS_PROFILE_HOME%\properties\soap.client.props" -Dcom.ibm.SSL.ConfigURL=file:"%WAS_PROFILE_HOME%\properties\ssl.client.props" sun.tools.jconsole.JConsole service:jmx:%CLM_JMX_PROTOCOL%://%CLM_HOST%:%CLM_PORT%/jndi/JMXConnector

Bash UNIX JConsole Script




      $JAVA_HOME/bin/java -classpath $CLASSPATH -Dcom.ibm.IPC.ConfigURL=file:$WAS_PROFILE_HOME/properties/ipc.client.props -Dcom.ibm.CORBA.ConfigURL=file:$WAS_PROFILE_HOME/properties/sas.client.props -Dcom.ibm.SOAP.ConfigURL=file:$WAS_PROFILE_HOME/properties/soap.client.props  -Dcom.ibm.SSL.ConfigURL=file:$WAS_PROFILE_HOME/properties/ssl.client.props sun.tools.jconsole.JConsole service:jmx:$CLM_JMX_PROTOCOL://$CLM_HOST:$CLM_PORT/jndi/JMXConnector

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