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CLM Server Monitoring - JVM Monitor (DEPRECATED: CLM Server Monitoring is no longer supported and was dropped in version 6.0.3.)

Authors: JorgeAlbertoDiaz
Build basis: Collaborative Lifecycle Management 4.0.4

The JVM monitor is responsible for exposing monitoring information of the Java Virtual Machine that is running the monitored CLM application. There will exist one monitor of this type for each application monitored by CLM Server Monitoring. Note that if several applications are running in the same container, this monitor will expose information that is valid for all of them.

JMX Interface Name: com.ibm.team.server.monitoring.jmx.beans.JVMMonitorMBean
JMX Object Name: team.server.<application public URI context>@<port>:type=JVM
JMX Object Name Example: team.server./jts@9443:type=JVM

This monitor will only appear when the "DiagnosticsEnabled" attribute is set to true in the CLM Server Monitoring Smarter Server Monitor

Monitor Attributes

JMX Attribute JMX Type Is Writeable? Default Value Description
Links TabularType (Open Type) No null Links to associated performance information. This attribute is not used currently for this JMX Object
PercentOfCpu float No 0F CPU usage for the JVM. Normalized so when multiCPU the value is limited up to 99%
URI String No null RDF subject URI representation of the JMX Object. This attribute is not used currently for this JMX Object

Monitor Operations

JMX Operation Signature Return Type Description
forceDump() String Forces a JVM dump

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