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Using Application Performance Monitoring with CLM (DEPRECATED: CLM Server Monitoring is no longer supported and was dropped in version 6.0.3.)todo.png

Authors: GeraldMitchell
Build basis: APM Agent Builder 6.1.3, CLM 6.0.0

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a product through IBM Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure allowing enterprise level monitoring of CLM Solutions.

APM can be used to monitor the infrastructure of a CLM deployment, including the Operating System, Database, and Application Server.

This particular article will focus on using the feature APM Agent Builder to incorporate the Jazz foundation speicifc monitors provided by the CLM Server Monitoring plugin.

Minimum Requirements

  • APM Server Labeled extra small, 10 concurrent users, 8 GB (12 GB recommended) free memory, 2 (4 recommended) processor, 60GB storage, 2GB JVM, 4 GB Swap space: <50 Agents (total)
  • APM Operating system and Application Agent installed.

  • Note for first time APM installs: The APM server is installed and configured first, and in that process the APM Agents are created, that are then installed on the monitored systems. The APM OS Agent is required to run the custom agent, and is the communication vehicle for sending data from the monitored server to the APM server.

  • APM Server and Agents minumum requirements are checked as part of install.

  • CLM should have the CLM Server Monitoring plugin installed and configured.

Setting up the APM Agent Builder

Agent Builder with CLM Server Monitoring using JMX















Dashboard Configuration





  • Add Domain, Name, and other construction markers as variables and identify those as key attributes.
Domain can be used to distinguish applications (JTS, CCM1 vs. CCM2).
  • Consider adding JazzApplicationType field to MBean information in dashboards to help distinguish application types (JTS, CCM, etc.) as the names are not enough information and can be changed.
  • Each dash item is recommended to 5 or less attributes o nthe APM dashboard, so it is good to think through which data is not otherwise available and is individually interesting before providing a custom agent for that data.

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