We are 400 developers, 25 locations, in 10 countries, and we speak 7 languages

Our name is our game

Jazz musicians listen with open ears, accept with open minds and respect with open hearts. Inspired by the artists who define musical agility, we believe great software is best developed by talented people, reacting and responding to each other in order to achieve the best outcome.

Transparency is in our blood

Our entire team works in the open.

You can talk to us, get help, see our plans, follow along, and give us direct feedback — developer to developer. With no barriers between us, you'll have a better experience and we'll build better software.

We succeed because of our people

You can't build great software without emotion — you have to care.

We're passionate about building products that you will love. And since we're developers too, we use our own products to build our products — right here at jazz.net.

We're there to help

From Bangalore to Boston, Toronto to Zurich, Beaverton to Beijing … we live globally distributed development and stand behind our products in every time zone in the world.

We monitor the forums 24/7, and our legendary Jumpstart team is on standby on 4 continents to fly wherever we need them to go.

We are the Jazz Team.

Our passion is to help the world build better software!