New & Noteworthy for for Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager

Impact analysis Administrators can set permissions for impact analysis

Administrators can now assign impact analysis management permissions to all users. With the permissions, users can create, modify, or delete impact analysis diagrams, filters, and profiles.

Administrators set these permissions in the Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager project area administration section, on the Permissions page.

Image of the impact analysis actions on the Permissions page:
Usability enhancements Improved exporting and importing of views

When you export views that are organized in folders, the folder hierarchy is preserved in the exported archive. When you import the views, they are displayed in the original structure. This feature enables you to easily replicate a view structure in another Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager instance.

Simplified context menu for containers

When you edit views, you can now modify a container by selecting one of these actions from the context menu: Edit conditions, Edit scope, Link types, and Sort. In previous versions, these actions were on the "Edit Scope and Conditions" page.

The items on the container context menu are now grouped by task type: container formatting or content modification. The frequently used Show Links To menu is now easier to see on the menu.

Image of the container context menu:

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