New & Noteworthy for Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager 6.0.5

Working with views Customize focus and selection colors for the container border

You can now define the colors for the container border to specify hover, selection, and modification actions for the container.

Image of container border color in the palette:

Easily change what artifact types to show in a container

When you work with views, you can easily change what artifact types to show in a container. For example, in a view that shows work items linked to requirements, you might want to focus only on defects. To do so, right-click the work items container, click Change Artifact Type, and select Defect.

Image of the Change Artifact Type option in the right-click menu:

Image of the artifact type selection dialog box:

By using the Change artifact type option, you can select an artifact type within the same application. For example, for Change and Configuration Management, you can modify a container to show stories instead of defects. After you change the artifact type, the conditions that are applied on the container change or they might be cleared, according to the artifact type that you select. If the container is linked with other containers, the artifact connectors are updated to match the artifact type that you chose.
Easily import views

Until now, administrators could import views by adding content packages. Now, you have an explicit menu item and a wizard to help you deploy them.

To import views, go to the Shared Views page and click the Import icon to open the wizard.

You can also select the project scope and conditions for the imported views.

Image of the Import Views wizard:

Enhanced snapshot functionality

Now when
you create a snapshot, all the current artifacts and relationships are saved.

Image of a snapshot that was created after applying downstream dependency analysis to a view:

If you open the snapshot later, some artifacts or relationships might have changed. To see the current data, click the Reload icon.

Image of a snapshot with current data after you click Reload:

To go back to the snapshot as it was saved, click Reset.
Focus on artifacts that have links

You can now manage complex views by focusing only on artifacts with outgoing links.
Right-click an artifact and select Edit Scope and Conditions. On the Link Types tab, choose one or more link types.
Now the container includes only the artifacts that have links defined by those relationships.

Image of the tab:

See the number of artifacts in one or more containers in a view

You can now see the number of artifacts within containers in a view when you right-click on the canvas and select Show count.
To see how many artifacts are present in one container, right-click the container and select Show count.
To see the artifacts again, select Show artifacts.

Image showing the menu for artifact counts:

Image showing the artifact counts in a view:

Showing Rational DOORS 9 data in views

Now you can show Rational DOORS 9 artifacts in Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager views.

Open the views editor and expand the DOORS Requirement Management folder to drag the artifacts onto the views canvas.

Image of Rational DOORS Requirements Management artifacts in the palette:

Image of relationships between Rational DOORS Requirements Management custom artifact elements:

Image of relationships between Rational DOORS Requirements Management custom artifact elements and artifacts from other engineering disciplines:

Sorting artifacts by attribute

You can now sort the artifacts by the URL, Title, and Short Name attributes. You can also specify the sort order and sort type.
For example, to sort the artifacts by title in alphabetical order, right-click an artifact, select Edit Node, and in the Sort tab, select the sort type for the title as Ascending.
Image of the Sort tab in the Nodes dialog box:


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