New & Noteworthy for Design Manager 6.0.5

Tracking and planning Link work items to versioned Design Management artifacts

If your organization uses the Global Configuration Management application to manage versioned artifacts in the Design Management application, you can link work items to specific versions of those Design Management artifacts. In the project area editor, the OSLC Link/Attribute Mapping page now includes an entry that maps the Design Management link type named Elaborated by Architecture Element to work item attributes of the type deliverable. For details about linking work items to versioned artifacts, see Enabling linking of work items to versioned artifacts.

Image of the OSLC Link/Attribute Mapping page:

Tip: If the Rational Team Concert server and project area were configured in a previous release to use default link mappings, you must explicitly save the project area process configuration to display the new (Elaborated by Architecture Element) link type mapping.

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