IBM Engineering Test Management

IBM® Engineering Test Management (formerly RQM) offers comprehensive test planning, test construction, and test artifact management throughout the development lifecycle. It enables teams to meet their software quality goals and improve efficiency and accuracy in a continuous delivery environment.

Features and capabilities

Comprehensive test plans
Process awareness
Reporting with a purpose
Quicker manual testing
Simplified lab management
Requirements driven testing


Integrate with requirement and test automation tools

Engineering Test Management works with requirements in IBM Engineering Requirements DOORS® and IBM Engineering Requirements Rational DOORS Next to keep test cases in sync whenever requirements evolve.

Engineering Test Management also integrates with a wide range of test automation tools like IBM Rational Test Workbench, enabling you to run tests and collect results, all from a central location.

A community at your service, the website for Engineering Test Management, gives you the unique opportunity to interact with a vibrant user community, as well as with the developers of Engineering Test Management itself. With the wide array of resources found on, support is always at your fingertips.

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Continuous Engineering

The big picture

Engineering Test Management is part of the following solutions for systems engineering, embedded software development, and application software development.

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Extended
Engineering Lifecycle Management Base

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