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December 5, 2014
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Systems and Software Engineering

Requirements · Architecture · Design · Collaboration and change management · Quality

Be agile and innovative in the face of complexity.

IBM Rational Solution for Systems and Software Engineering helps you specify, design, implement, and validate complex products and the software that powers them with an integrated set of tools, services, and practices.

Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager, Rational DOORS Next Generation, Rational Rhapsody, and Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager.

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Collaboration, planning and change management

Collaborate across diverse disciplines. Assess and manage changes throughout your systems lifecycle.

Requirements management

Manage system requirements and full traceability across the lifecycle.

Quality management

Achieve 'Quality by Design' with an integrated, automated testing progress.

Architecture and design

Use modeling to validate requirements, architecture and design throughout the development process.

Embedded software development

Create high-quality embedded software with high collaboration and development transparency.

Visualize, analyze and organize lifecycle data

Bring together views, analysis and organization of engineering data from multiple tools to enable better and faster decision making.

Best practices and process enactment

Improve quality, predictability and consistency.

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Engineering lifecycle management

As complex engineering data grows, engineers who build products and systems face significant challenges when using that data to perform tasks effectively and efficiently. Linked Data architectures can help by providing capabilities that support engineers and practitioners across the lifecycle to visualize, analyze, and organize the complex web of engineering data required to create a product, device, or software solution.

Learn about Linked Data and how Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager helps by providing search, queries, custom views, and impact analysis over engineering data across the entire product development landscape, regardless of where data is stored or managed. These capabilities enable a better use of data when building complex products and systems, and ultimately help improve engineering and business decision making, productivity, and agility.

Success stories

Invensys Rail Dimetronic

Invensys Rail Dimetronic uses Rational's System solutions to modernize its development processes, from code management to change management.

Chevy Volt

General Motors uses the Rational platform in developing the Chevy Volt.

What others are saying

The benefits of Jazz and Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC)

We work with systems engineers and embedded software engineers to help them meet their key challenges in systems development and delivery. These challenges include collaborating, implementing workflow processes, effectively managing changing requirements, achieving compliance, and meeting demands to reduce time to market and costs.

To address these challenges and more, we are leveraging the benefits of Jazz and OSLC to enhance our lifecycle solution with access to information across tools, the means to implement guidance for best practices, enhanced traceability and added visibility through Jazz dashboards. We are enabling systems engineering and embedded software best practices through workflow integrations across requirements management, modeling, quality management, work item planning, change management, and engineering lifecycle management. The tools and practices we provide also support increased collaboration across disparate teams. Five core tools in this effort are IBM Rational DOORS, IBM Rational Rhapsody, IBM Rational Team Concert, IBM Rational Quality Manager, and IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager.

Organizations today are developing increasingly complex products and systems, and the corresponding engineering effort is resulting in equally complex webs of linked lifecycle data and the need for more integrated development processes. The IBM Rational Solution for Systems and Software Engineering helps you specify, design, implement, and validate complex products and systems with an integrated set of tools and practices. As part of this solution, Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager (RELM) provides powerful new capabilities to visualize, analyze and organize your engineering data to enable more effective methods in addressing these growing development challenges.

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