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Sandboxes: Try now in a web-based trial environment

Try it in Sandbox today!

Use our sandbox environments to quickly evaluate and explore our Collaborative Lifecycle Management solution.

In a sandbox trial you can:

  • Customize your project area
  • Explore the features and capabilities
  • Connect with a Web browser or with any supported client, like clients for Eclipse or Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Invite others to collaborate in your test area

Learn more about the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management >

Available Sandboxes

Software versions running
Sandbox project expiration date
/sandbox01 - Latest development milestone
Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management
Rational Team Concert 5.0 M4
Rational Quality Manager 5.0 M4
Rational Requirements Composer 5.0 M4
Rational DOORS Next Generation 5.0 M4
June 1, 2014
/sandbox02 - Latest release
Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management
Rational Team Concert 4.0.6
Rational Quality Manager 4.0.6
Rational Requirements Composer 4.0.6
Rational DOORS Next Generation 4.0.6
July 31, 2014

When will your Sandbox expire? In order to keep the data in a good state and to run the latest software, we plan to close each sandbox after it has been open for about six months. When we shut down a sandbox, we will make a new one available where you can start playing again. The table above shows the current sandboxes and when each is scheduled to expire.

These sandboxes are for evaluation and testing only and are not to be used for production data. The data is not backed-up and will be periodically scrubbed. While we try to keep the sandboxes up and running, there may be times when a sandbox is not available or is not functioning as expected. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us.

Read the sandbox terms of use.