IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody - Model Manager

Use IBM® Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody - Model Manager, the new design management server for IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody, to extend Rhapsody models to the web, create traceability to the development lifecycle and take advantage of advanced configuration management in global configurations.

Engineering Rhapsody Model Manager is the latest in design management technology that enables teams to architect, design, and develop systems and software in an iterative and collaborative way.

Introducing Engineering Rhapsody Model Manager

Rhapsody AMR with remote requirements
Requirements gap analysis with Rhapsody

Link designs and requirements

Establish state-of-the-art linking between model elements in Rhapsody and requirements management artifacts in IBM Engineering Requirements Management DOORS® or Engineering Requirements Management DOORS Next.

Manage change

Utilize enterprise Configuration Management capabilities to get support for fine-grained components. Leverage parallel development with merge capabilities for Rhapsody models.

A community at your service, the website for Engineering Rhapsody Model Manager, gives you the unique opportunity to interact with a vibrant user community, as well as with developers of Engineering Rhapsody Model Manager itself. With an active forum, library, blog, and more, support is always at your fingertips.

How we work
What's happening with Engineering Rhapsody Model Manager development

The big picture

Engineering Rhapsody Model Manager is part of the IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management Extended solution for systems engineering and embedded software development.

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