Reporting for Jazz solutions

Managing and reporting on the lifecycle of your development projects is a critical part of success. IBM® offers two complementary choices for properly understanding the status of your project portfolio and creating the reports and documentation you need.


There are two alternatives for reporting on your Jazz™ solutions:

Jazz Reporting

Default reporting option for Jazz solutions

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IBM Rational® Publishing

Generate document-style reports across Jazz products and third-party tools

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Which is right for you?

Jazz Reporting Service

Rational Publishing Engine

Data sources Report on data from IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solution applications Report on data from Collaborative Lifecycle Management and other Rational or third-party data in XML format
Output Dashboards, web reports, and export to Excel High quality documentation meeting your company and industry standards (e.g. Word, PDF, HTML, Excel, XSL)
Skill level Minimal, based on WYSIWYG Familiarity with the data source schema and REST APIs
Licensing Included with the Collaborative Lifecycle Management and IBM Continuous Engineering solutions Requires separate product license
Use case Generate real-time reports and dashboards Create project-wide documentation for everyday use, formal reviews, and compliance with standards

Complementary choices

Jazz Reporting Service and Rational Publishing Engine can be used together to easily produce dashboards, reports, and documentation to meet your organization's needs for project governance, reporting, and compliance.

Using Jazz Reporting Service reports with Rational Publishing Engine