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July 11, 2014

IBM Rational Requirements Composer

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Quickly visualize complex scenarios with Business Process Diagrams

Do you or your employees spend too much time wondering if all necessary business requirements were considered in order to complete a task? Are you sure you didn't miss anything? It can be difficult to keep every team member on the same page with the complex and ever-evolving business processes that are necessary for fast-moving companies to stay ahead of the competition.

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Rational Requirements Composer streamlines these steps into easily-understood Business Process Diagrams. Quickly and easily visualize these processes with automatically-maintained change histories and propose improvements to current processes all while increasing the productivity of your employees by providing them with an efficient way to ensure all sub-requirements for a task are met.

Know how your clients really use your product

Create Use Case Diagrams to provide your team with a consistent visual notation of how your product is being utilized. Take advantage of this information by easily proposing changes for review to improve your clients' experience while using your product.

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Take advantage of intuitive visualization tools to share your ideas

Not every employee and stakeholder is a tech guru. Technical employees often need a quick and effective way to convey and propose ideas to their non-technical counterparts or to their peers across multiple projects. Maybe you have a great idea for your product's next user interface, but you don't necessarily have the time or expertise to design a functional prototype.

Rational Requirements Composer provides a robust set of tools to create a wide variety of graphical components. Create UI mockups and storyboards, visually represent business processes to improve the productivity of your team, or create client use cases in minutes using Rational Requirements Composer graphical artifacts.

Provide your employees with a simple way for technical and nontechnical personnel and stakeholders to share ideas and agree upon nearly any facet of your product. Track your products evolution and functionality with timelines that are automatically tracked and generated.

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