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March 16, 2018

IBM Rational Asset Manager

A collaborative environment for creating and governing software assets

Know where your assets are

IBM Rational Asset Manager is a collaborative environment for creating and governing software assets.

A definitive library management system where you catalog, organize, use, reuse, manage, and report on any type of software, technology, or business asset.

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Why Rational Asset Manager?

You can use Rational Asset Manager to help improve these aspects and best practices of asset management:

  • Lower costs by implementing a reuse strategy (repurpose, remanufacture, recycle) for software, systems and business assets
  • Improve quality by involving all the necessary stakeholders in your asset lifecycle; resulting in approved, published, auditable software and business assets
  • Lower communication and collaboration costs by enabling a single source of truth for approved, published assets, including collections of related software and business assets

Want to see it in action? Log in to the SmartCloud and see the available software images, made available as Rational manager assets. The IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is powered by Rational Asset Manager.

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Automating and governing development deliverables

Use Rational Asset Manager to automate a reliable handoff of development deliverables for deployment.

Developing Services with Rational Asset Manager

Leverage tools like Rational Asset Manager to control and manage the development of service artifacts.

Creating an asset

See how you can create assets in the Rational Asset Manager Web UI. You can also search for assets, review assets, and use and report on assets.

Manage assets for the delivery of a release

See how you can interact with team members and deliverables to create a web service.

Learn more about configuring asset lifecycles for governance.

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