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Jazz Foundation

The foundation of IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

Jazz Team Server

Each Jazz Team Server (JTS) provides the foundational services which enable a group of tools to work together as a single logical server, and includes any number of Jazz Team Server Extensions that provide the tool-specific functionality. All of the foundation and tool-specific services are RESTful web services.

Jazz Team Server

All interactions between tools funnel through the REST API. To ensure that the tools are loosely coupled, they treat all URLs (except their own) as opaque strings, and make no assumption about where other tools are deployed. The same should hold for all clients, since we also want clients to be loosely coupled with the services.

JIA allows a single JTS to have multiple client-facing servers, each responsible for managing its own URLs and responding to requests coming from clients. Since the URLs identify the client-facing server on which the resource or service is hosted, clients' requests may make direct contact with any of the client-facing servers. Internally, the tool coordinates its activities with its Jazz Team Server (again, by making behind-the-scenes calls to other services through their REST APIs). There need not be a single "front door" through which all requests from clients get funneled. This makes it easier to integrate tools with existing client-facing servers, and means that each tool can manage its URL space without having to coordinate with other tools. Client-facing servers may also include Web UI servers dedicated to presenting data to users.