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December 11, 2020

Jazz Foundation

The foundation of IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

Jazz Team Server Extensions

A single Jazz Team Server may consist of one or more servers that act together. The Jazz Foundation Services are typically hosted on a single server. JTS Extensions may be written as web applications (i.e., packaged as a Web archive file) and deployed into a suitable server (possibly, but not necessarily, the one hosting JFS). Some JTS Extensions may deploy their own separate server. And some JTS Extensions may install tool-specific functionality simply by registering declarative configuration files and scripts via specially-provided foundation services. This means that tool developers have a spectrum of options for how tools can be packaged for deployment to a JTS, and ensure that customers will have flexibility when choosing server deployment topologies that suit their needs.

An existing tool which gets adapted to be a JTS Extension may come with its own server and backend database. This implies that the data for a JTS may in fact be held in several databases. Supporting atomic transactions across multiple databases is known to be expensive. Where necessary, tools will provide transaction facilities for their own data. JIA does not provide a transaction mechanism.

  • Jazz Foundation Services - for user and project administration, security, collaboration, query, and other generic cross-tool capabilities
  • Discovery Service - for discovering the various services and capabilities on the JTS
  • Administration Services - for dealing with users, projects, security, and licenses
  • Process Services - enables process guidance, including checking operation permissions and licenses, and determining process-specified preconditions and follow-up actions
  • Storage Services - for tools to use to store data, instead of creating and managing their own database
  • Query Services - for searching the data resources stored on a Jazz Team Server
  • Presentation Services - for requesting a user interface URL for any resource URL hosted by a JTS instance (including any of its extensions)
  • Data Warehousing Services - for collecting data from one or more Jazz Team Servers as well as from other data sources
  • Collaboration Services - for collaboration, including services for sending e-mail and maintaining subscriptions.