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Jazz Foundation

The foundation of IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management

The foundation of lifecycle management

Jazz a scalable, extensible, team-collaboration platform that integrates tasks across the software lifecycle.

The platform also provides useful building blocks and frameworks that facilitate the development of new products and tools.

Looking for lifecycle management?

IBM Engineering Lifecycle Management (ELM) is a set of integrated tools that work together to offer full traceability across the engineering process.

What's new in 7.0.1

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Features and capabilities

Each Jazz Team Server provides the foundational services which enable a group of tools to work together as a single logical server, and includes any number of Jazz Team Server Extensions that provide the tool-specific functionality.

A Jazz Team Server Extension is tool-specific functionality which is affiliated with a particular Jazz Team Server instance. Each tool uses certain facilities provided via Jazz Foundation Services in order to interact within the Jazz Team Server, and exposes its own services and data through RESTful Web services.

  • Report on and manage projects spanning teams and repositories
  • Automate tasks and processes, and reuse assets
  • Work across functional, geographic and organizational boundaries
  • Use a single consistent UI framework for all tasks
  • Reduce cost of ownership by integrating with an open and flexible framework