IBM Continuous Engineering Connector for IoT in Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions are systems of systems that include components designed and developed by multiple teams using multiple technologies and deployment platforms -- just the kind of challenge our Jazz™ initiative was created to address.

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New opportunities and risks

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers new opportunities for businesses to optimize operations to save costs, improve customer engagement and loyalty, differentiate products and services, create new business models and revenue streams, disrupt markets, and innovate faster with an IoT analytics-driven feedback loop that informs business leaders and engineering. Being fast to market –– challenging in its own right –– is not enough. IoT solutions that interact with the physical world via sensors and actuators can cause serious harm, financial loss, or reputational damage if they fail to perform correctly.

New development challenges

This puts new strains on the product engineers and IoT solution developers responsible to turn these business objectives into reality: extending existing products to participate in an IoT solution and designing, building and evolving IoT solutions as a whole.

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Extending development practices

This Connector will help teams to extend their proven product development practices to include the teams and components using the IBM IoT Platform on Bluemix - just the kind of challenge Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) were created to address.

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