Jazz Reporting Service
Default reporting option for Jazz solutions
Jazz Reporting Service is an alternative to the reporting capabilities that are available in many Rational products and solutions. By including Jazz Reporting Service in your integrated lifecycle toolset, you can quickly and easily consolidate data from a variety of data sources across your tools and project areas.

Development practices

Scaled Agile Framework® in ELM
Scaled Agile Framework in Engineering Lifecycle Management facilitates lean development
Ensure that your organization coordinates across all teams to deliver products that maximize business value. Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) in the Engineering Lifecycle Management solution can harness the success of Agile teams and apply lean thinking across your company.
Agile development in Engineering Workflow Management
Engineering Workflow Management helps teams use agile principles to develop software
Use Engineering Workflow Management to manage your agile project. Code, run standups, plan sprints, and track work all in one place. Engineering Workflow Management enables teams to more easily adopt and use agile development, resulting in increased productivity and responsiveness.

Other tools & products

Jazz Foundation
The foundation of the Jazz solutions
Jazz Foundataion is a scalable, extensible, team-collaboration platform that integrates tasks across the software lifecycle. The platform provides useful building blocks and frameworks that facilitate the development of new products and tools.
IBM® Installation Manager
Installation manager for all Jazz-based products
Installation Manager is an application that makes it easier to download, install, and update code for IBM software products. Installation Manager is included in Web installers for products on