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Planet Jazz is an aggregation of blogs written about Jazz or related technologies by Jazz users, fans, and experts from all over the world. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to follow along, or check back here to read the latest.

By Dragos Cojocari - Word macros allow document creators to correct document  errors and fine tune the document formatting. Running the macros programatically through Word automation allows to automate the process for added benefits. There are a number of tools and processes that do this with  RPE being one...    more >
By Kiran Byrappa -                                                                          ...  more >
By Kiran Byrappa - Post upgrade of CLM your attempt to login to Rational Quality Manager instance displays an error indicating that your server appears to be in bad state.       You may want to check the following to ensure that the required services are...  more >
By Shradha_S - In IBM Rational Reporting for Development Intelligence (RRDI) or Insight, custom enumeration attributes and values are not stored in the same tables and need other joined queries to access the values in your report. To create an enumeration report, follow the...  more >
By naomimg - As we (Naomi Guerrero and Denise McKinnon) assume ownership responsibility for this blog from our esteemed colleague Jason (acdntlpoet: ), we want to take...  more >
By dmmckinn - New video published to the IBM  Rati onal  Use r Ed ucat io n YouTube channel.   Configuration Management Overview for CLM v6 releases :  This video provides an overview of the new configuration management...  more >
Dan Toczala's Blog Wed, 22 Jul 2015
By dtoczala - Recently I became involved with a customer upgrading UrbanCode Deploy.  I want to share my experiences, some lessons learned, and some IT basics. Our customer was looking to upgrade their UrbanCode Deploy to the latest version.  Doing this meant that they had to upgrade in...    more >
By Dragos Cojocari - One of the most common problems I’ve seen reported for RPE 2.0 is setting up the shared license library required for RPE WebService 2.0 to function. You access http://server:8080/rpeng/, login and you are greeted by the following error Error 400: Cannot obtain a RPE License...    more >
By Kiran Byrappa -   This article  discusses how you can identify the "Actual Start and End Dates" in Rational Quality Manager.   There will be instances where a testing effort would be delayed and one needs to capture the actual date it started as...  more >
By vjagadeesh -   Rational Performance Tester supports the TN3270 protocol.  However, the TN5250 protocol is still undergoing testing.  The recording of the application using TN5250 protocol is possible using the Socket protocol, as there is no specific...  more >