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Planet Jazz is an aggregation of blogs written about Jazz or related technologies by Jazz users, fans, and experts from all over the world. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to follow along, or check back here to read the latest.

IBM Watson IoT Support Fri, 05 Oct 2018
By dmmckinn -             Putting “human” into the driving experience with AI assistants - in this 2-part series Kal Gyimesi discusses how the era of voice has finally taken off in vehicles, how it will change the in-vehicle...  more >
IBM Watson IoT Support Wed, 03 Oct 2018
By dmmckinn -     Sharing a list of the latest iFixes for Maximo Asset Management which are available for download.       Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 001 released Maximo Asset Management Interim Fix 016 released Maximo Asset...  more >
IBM Watson IoT Support Mon, 01 Oct 2018
By dmmckinn -     Agile Engineering Summit – join us October 15-17, 2018 in Washington DC for our 5th Continuous Engineering Conference       Agile Engineering Summit - This event will deliver in-depth technical content targeted at architects,...  more >
IBM Watson IoT Support Fri, 28 Sep 2018
By dmmckinn -     Companies are instrumenting and connecting their industrial equipment, buildings and facilities, and vehicles with billions of sensors to create what is known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).   To learn more, read ...  more >
IBM Watson IoT Support Wed, 26 Sep 2018
By dmmckinn -       3 Minutes: Maximo and Cognos Analytics Storybooks  by Pam Denny, IBM Analytics Architect.  In this video you will see some of the new features of Maximo 7.6.1 with Cognos Analytics Storybooks. Watch...  more >
IBM Watson IoT Support Mon, 24 Sep 2018
By dmmckinn -     Maximo Asset Management Work Centers for 7.6.1 are available.        In a previous posting ( Preview Maximo Work Centers ) we highlighted a video that shows you how to access the site.  If you are new to Work Centers, you...  more >
IBM Watson IoT Support Fri, 21 Sep 2018
By dmmckinn -     Complex distributed systems require an automated, layered approach to monitoring. Most organizations monitor key parts of their infrastructure but monitoring typically stops at the application layer because it can be difficult to know what and...  more >
Dan Toczala's Blog Thu, 20 Sep 2018
By dtoczala - Note: This post was initially published here as Bluemix and Watson – Getting Started Right, on this site.  That article is also on developerWorks, as Bluemix and Watson – Getting Started Right. This blog post repeats a lot of that content, with some updates for...    more >
IBM Watson IoT Support Wed, 19 Sep 2018
By dmmckinn -   Did you know that poor requirements management is among the significant contributing factors in the failure of a project? Improper requirements management can lead to disconnected teams, wasted time, out-of-control costs and unsatisfied customers. If...  more >
IBM Watson IoT Support Mon, 17 Sep 2018
By dmmckinn -             With the growing number of smart and connected products being developed, more and more systems engineers must now deal with the verification and validation of embedded systems. Of course, the smarter those...  more >