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Planet Jazz is an aggregation of blogs written about Jazz or related technologies by Jazz users, fans, and experts from all over the world. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to follow along, or check back here to read the latest.

By dmmckinn - Continuing on the topic of Integrations as covered in our previous post Integrations with CLM and SSE solutions – where to start …   Our next article provides scenarios that were captured through direct collaboration with our customers. ...  more >
By GlennSkinner - Everyone has them, you know, those ages old ClearQuest records with a never ending string of history records. Records so long that you go for coffee while the record is loading. We all know them far to well. They are the bane of ClearQuest admins...    more >
By GlennSkinner - You just upgraded WAS 8.5.x to the latest fixpack and after restarting the services, ClearQuest can no longer be accessed through port 80. You discover that you can reach it on port 12080. On closer examination, you realize the plugin-cfg.xml that is...  more >
By dmmckinn - Looking for guidance in planning your deployment?  The Deployment planning:  Where to start?  article in the deployment wiki outlines several key planning and design considerations for designing a Rational development environment. The...  more >
By Kiran Byrappa -                 You may come across situation where you do not want a user in your Project Area to view data in a particular stream . Example, a user logged in to the Project area and can switch to...    more >
Dennis Schultz's Blog Wed, 26 Aug 2015
By dschultzmo - IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation version 7.1 adds support for running the platform in a container on the cloud in IBM Bluemix.  The idea is that anyone should be able to spin up a MobileFirst server in the cloud, deploy applications … Continue reading  more >
By dmmckinn - Looking for some of those special little tidbits to help with your use of Rational Integration Tester?  Check out the following most recently published content which may offer some assistance.   How to profile a RIT Test or RTVS Stub...  more >
By Dragos Cojocari - The vacation is almost over. See you all on September 1st.   more >
By Arun K Sriramaiah - This article explains how to reduce the number of Rational Team Concert component flow displays in the pending changes window.   By default, all components in a Repository workspace (RWS) use the current flow target. You can use the Repository...  more >
By ibmamnt - IBM’s jStart team presents coming emerging technology (or even predict so to speak). IBM Bluemix was one of them. Now, they offer iPython Notebook as emerging technology too. So it’s good to start learning it as there is a great … Continue reading  more >