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Planet Jazz is an aggregation of blogs written about Jazz or related technologies by Jazz users, fans, and experts from all over the world. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to follow along, or check back here to read the latest.

By Dragos Cojocari - The feedback from Interconnect 2015 as well as the feedback I received through various other channel is that aside from complex topics like doing traceability reports or cutting edge new techniques like using RPE with JRS simpler scenarios, techniques and best practices should be covered...    more >
Dejan Glozic Tue, 03 Mar 2015
By Dejan Glozic - I am back from Las Vegas and IBM Interconnnect 2015, and fully recovered from the onslaught on the senses. Man, does that city ever shut up. Time to return to regular programming. Today topic is my surprising realization of the main backers of micro-services in...    more >
Jorge Diaz's Blog Mon, 02 Mar 2015
By jorgediazblog - In (specially) mainframe development environment, there are situations in which duplicate element names can be problematic. And from time to time I get helping customers migrate to Rational Team Concert, I find them asking of a way of ensuring this … Continue reading  more >
By Dragos Cojocari - Einar Karlsen has published two new articles on producing document style reports from DNG on his blog: Basic Reporting for  IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation and Advanced Reporting for IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation. The entry point for the articles is and I strongly recommend...    more >
By rsjazz - Creating links is not easy. Many things can go wrong.  Testing by a user showed that there was an issue with links between work items and build results. I found that I got the link direction wrong. I fixed that. … Continue reading  more >
By Dragos Cojocari -   more >
By Dragos Cojocari - RPE can use JRS queries ( 5.0.2 and onwards) as data sources. This will make templates considerably simpler ( no Dynamic Data Source!) and much faster. See how this is done here:  more >
By rsjazz - In the last post Extending the WorkItem Command Line With New Commands we added a new command to the WorkItemCommandLine to implement a solution for attribute data migration as explained in Workaround: Migrate from Rational Team Concert 3.X string attribute used … Continue reading  more >
By rsjazz - If one needs a new command to be run in the WorkItem Command Line, what needs to be done? Lets explore this with the background from the post The WorkItem Command Line Explained. As always, keep in mind, this is … Continue reading  more >
By Dragos Cojocari - Ivan Bravo will be running this hans-on Lab on Wed at 11AM in room 302 at MGM. I am looking forward to be part of this as a trainee and hone my DNG skills.  more >