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Planet Jazz is an aggregation of blogs written about Jazz or related technologies by Jazz users, fans, and experts from all over the world. You can subscribe to the RSS feed to follow along, or check back here to read the latest.

By naomimg -   More women are contributing to the field of technology and IBM and Girls Who Code are helping to make that happen. Please continue to expose girls to STEM fields. Below, find information for summer workshops for girls! LA, SF, Austin, and NY get ready!...  more >
By Rajeshavanthi -     There are several questions that arise when it comes to identifying performance bottlenecks and generating a refined performance report. As you run any schedule in RPT, first it will have a run status as "R...  more >
By naomimg -   Happy Friday!   Please take a moment to read the latest blog post written by my manager, Kelley Anders .  Her blog explains internal management changes and uncovers division changes that impact the Rational product portfolio. In a nutshell,...  more >
By AnuMohanCP -   Here are the details for executing an RPT schedule from a command line (without GUI).   Tool : IBM® Rational® Performance Tester schedules or tests can be executed from the command line outside of the Eclipse Workspace.   Resources:...  more >
By XPXK_Vijayakumar_Pandi -    Executing test scripts from command line interface is one common task every tester does.    In this blog I will take you through the command line execution of the mobile test script using Rational Test workbench   Prerequisites...  more >
By Jincy Rejin -   During RFT installation, sometimes you might have encountered the below error in IBM Installation Manager.   Error during "post-install configure" phase:    Error executing the C:\ProgramFiles(x86)\IBM\RFT\FunctionalTester\insta...  more >
Dan Toczala's Blog Wed, 11 May 2016
By dtoczala - There are a lot of reasons that I publish a blog.  One of them is so that I can answer a question once – and then I never have to answer them again.  Recently I have been getting questions from our customers on their usage...    more >
JazzPractices Wed, 11 May 2016
By Jim Ruehlin - A quick evaluation of the value of the open source OpenWhisk versus other offerings. OpenWhisk is in beta, and it’s a way to rapidly execute microservices in a “serverless” configuration. It’s cheaper than classic cloud offerings and supposedly scales well.  more >
By XPXK_Vijayakumar_Pandi -   So many factors will affect the automation script play back when you are interacting with application GUI. Once such instance is, where play back fails when RFT tries to perform click action on hyper link control (could be any other control). Though...  more >
By Jincy Rejin -   During RFT installation, you might encounter the below error   rtivregister.exe - Common Language Runtime Debugging Services Application has generated an exception that could not be handled. Process id = XXXX, Thread id = XXXXX Click OK to...  more >