Collaborative Lifecycle Management on Cloud (SaaS)
Professional Deployment – iFix Schedule

IBM SaaS Professional Customers can use the following guide to understand when iFixes will be installed into their CE Deployments.

iFix Calendar





Friday 12/15/2017



Friday 1/19/2018



Friday 2/16/2018



Friday 3/16/2018



Friday 4/20/2018



Friday 5/18/2018



The Monday prior to the installation, the specific iFix to be installed will be announced via Email.

  • Example:  email on Monday will go out and say something like:  This Friday, we will be installing iFix X into your 6.0.x environment.
    • Please ensure the correct Primary and secondary JazzAdmins are on file with IBM to allow for proper iFix communication.


High Level Overview of iFix process

Typically, the systems will come down at 6:00 PM (local server time).  

  1. Patch applied
  2. Hosting Operations team Validation testing
  3. Hosting Operations team releases the system to the customer.


Once the system is released to the customer, the recommendation and expectation is that the customer will do their necessary User Acceptance Testing (UAT).  

  • If UAT is satisfactory, the customer can release it to their end users.
  • If UAT is unsatisfactory, they will have until Sunday night to reject the iFix.
    • If the iFix is rejected, the system will be restored to the snapshot prior to installing the iFix.


User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

  • While UAT is not mandatory, it is encouraged; UAT is a safety net.
  • We want to ensure the changes implemented with the iFix don’t have negative impact on a current system
    • The iFix install is scheduled on Friday to allow for UAT on the weekends
    • If UAT is successful, then Monday morning, teams can work business as usual thereby minimizing the impact on a production system.
    • If UAT indicates a problem with the iFix, it can be reverted prior to release by JazzAdmins / Customers.


iFix / TestFix Policy:

  • iFixes
    • We are only installing iFixes during our regularly scheduled iFix window (listed above.)
      • (Exception – Sev 1 production down)
    • The Monday prior to the installation of an iFix, a remidner note will be sent out that will include the specific iFix that will be installed.


  • Maintenance Windows (in the context iFix testing)
    • Maintenance will normally be scheduled on the 3rd weekend of every month beginning Friday evening local data center time
    • The customer has the option to rollback an iFix by customer request no later than Sunday, prior to the end of the scheduled maintenance window.
    • Sev1’s (production down situation) requires immediate scheduling of a maintenance window for further testing.


  • Fix Types used for maintenance process
    • iFixes (typically come out once per month and roll up tested fixes for the maintenance stream)
    • iFixes are tested by the IBM Quality Engineering team
    • iFixes should be tested by JazzAdmins / customers with their specific use cases during their scheduled maintenance window
    • if the iFix will cause a problem for a critical project the customer has, they must notify us prior to 4 days prior to the window.


  • TestFix
    • Test fixes – used for troubleshooting and debugging
      • Test fixes are used for debugging and trouble shooting.
      • If reproducible a developer or support will attempt to verify these before giving them to the customer for use in further debugging and testing.
    • Test fixes are considered only in the event of a Severity 1 in a SaaS Professional Production Environments.
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