Getting started roadmap for Rational DOORS Next Generation

A roadmap for an introduction to Rational DOORS Next Generation

Efficient and accurate management of requirements is critical to the success of your projects. Managing requirement changes during different phases of your project’s lifecycle requires a suitable tool. IBM® Rational® DOORS® Next Generation (RDNG) is a flexible and complete solution for end-to-end requirements management. It is designed for collaboration and provides a single platform for managing requirements so that project teams can work more effectively across disciplines and time zones.

With RDNG, you can define, elicit, capture, elaborate, discuss, and review requirements and supporting artifacts with your extended stakeholder community. Teams can manage requirements using attributes, tags, filtered views, custom artifact types and link types, change indicators, and project dashboards. In the context of the Rational solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM), the RM application extends traceability and collaboration to development, design, and test artifacts.

You can use configuration management in the RM application to create versions of requirement artifacts and to link them to other team artifacts, such as test cases and designs. Use configurations (streams and baselines) to manage reuse, traceability, and parallel development. Teams using configuration management enabled CLM applications can contribute requirements, design, test, and source configurations to global configurations. Global configurations ensure artifact links resolve to the correct versions, and also facilitate reuse across versions or variants of your software or product line.

Note: The following resources were created for a specific release, but also apply to later releases.

Product overview

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Videos: Improve requirements management with IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation, IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation Tour, and IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation: Terminology and
Basic Concepts

Help topic: Overview of Rational DOORS Next Generation overview: Rational DOORS Next Generation

Whitepaper: Ditch the documents and spreadsheets

Feature overview

Getting started

Next steps

Learning Circle: Basic usage

RDNG trial and demo

Instructor-led training from IBM and its Global Training Partners

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