Getting started roadmap for Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager

Introduction to Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager

If you work on complex engineering projects involving multiple teams that use large amounts of data across several lifecycle management applications, Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager unlocks the data from your applications, and provides insights you need to make the best engineering decisions.
With Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager, you create views and diagrams that consolidate data from multiple sources, to simplify tasks like:

  • Change impact analysis: What work must we do for this change request?
  • Situational awareness: Where are we as we converge towards “done”?
  • Validity checking: Is our engineering information complete and related correctly?

Product overview:

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Videos: Solution overview and Product overview 
Help topic: Overview of Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager

Feature overview:



Getting started: 

Getting started with Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager


  • Team member
  • Product manager
  • Administrator

Read about Role-based permissions.


Other resources:

Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager on IBM Marketplace

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Andreea Jurj is an advisory software developer working on the User Assistance team for IBM Internet of Things Continuous Engineering. She can be contacted at

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