Collaborative ALM Build Integration

The bridge between development and test is the build. Now testers can track Rational Team Concert builds, see what work-items have been delivered, track the build with a Build tracking record, link builds to test execution results, automatically unblock test executions, and even automate build verification testing.

Here are some highlights:

Configure Rational Team Concert

See the features page to learn more about Rational Team Concert builds.

Configure Rational Quality Manager Build Integration

Build integration is configured by defining a build provider in Systems Properties that identifies the Rational Team Concert server responsible for building the application.

Detailed information on configuring build integration is available in the RQM help.

Help can be found using the URL below, by substituting your RQM server name and port.

https://< RQMserver>:<port>/help/topic/

Viewing Build Definitions and Records

When build integration is configured, build definitions and records from Rational Team Concert are automatically available in Rational Quality Manager. You can view all the builds for a specific build definition by selection View Build Definition from the Builds action bar menu and clicking on the name of the build definition.

Automatic Unblocking of Test Execution Records

Test Execution Records that are blocked by defects can be automatically unblocked when a build containing a fix for the defect is available. You enable this capability in Execution Preferences in System Properties.

When a build containing a fix for the defect that’s blocking the test execution record is available, the blocking status is automatically removed.

The Quality Manager Events viewlet gives testers a way to track when Test Execution Records are unblocked.

Automatic Test Execution when Builds are Available

Test can be automatically executed when builds are available. You create an Execution Schedule from the Builds action bar menu.


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