Features to drive your project forward

Capture requirements

Quickly define and organize requirements with rich-text specification documents, Use Case diagrams, UI mock-up, story boards, and predefined templates. more >

Visually define
Define requirements visually to quickly convey your project needs: Use cases, diagrams, and customized project content. more >

Connect project requirements, scenarios, test artifacts, and development work items through traceability to identify gaps and change impact. more >

Collaborate with built-in dashboard, or generate documents, spreadsheets, or PDF reports that show progress, traceability coverage, and overall status. more >

Collaboration and review
Engage the experts from your team to collaborate and improve the quality of your project requirements. more >

Audit history
Quickly identify what changes were made and who made them throughout the project’s progress. more >

Extend the functionality
The JavaScript Client API can extend the functionality of the client. Extensions automate routine or complex tasks, such as calculating attribute values. more >

Common administration
Common user, server and project administration with the Jazz Team Server. Shared type system: define and reuse artifact types and their attributes. more >

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