Tip: Integrations with Rational Quality Manager require updates when hosted on a Tomcat application server


An update was made in Rational Quality Manager that impacts how some clients authenticate with a Tomcat server. Some existing integrations will no longer be able to connect to the Rational Quality Manager server on Tomcat without an update to the integrating component. This tech note does not apply to user running QM on Websphere Application Server.

More Information

The following are integrations that are impacted by an upgrade to QM The minimum version of the integrating product is listed for affected integrations. Prior versions will not connect to the server running on Tomcat.

Product integrating with RQM

Release where fix available


Rational Function Tester iFix02, 8.2.1
Rational Quality Manager Command Line Adapter
Rational Performance Tester, 8.2.1
Rational Service Tester for SOA, 8.2.1
Rational Appscan
RQM / Appscan 8.5 ifix001
Test Realtime
Rational Robot
Execution Tool Adapter for HP LoadRunner (jazz.net all downloads page for QM)
Execution Tool Adapter for HP Quick Test Professiional (jazz.net all downloads page for QM)
Rational Rhapsody
Rational Insight HotFix HotFix available
Rational Insight 1.1 1.1 HotFix 02 https://jazz.net/downloads/rational-insight/releases/1.1?p=allDownloads (HotFix 2)
RMT migration tool (jazz.net all downloads page for QM)
Copy Tool (jazz.net all downloads page for QM)
Word / Excel Import (jazz.net all downloads page for QM)
url-util (jazz.net all downloads page for QM)

For more information

Refer to Execution adapters are unable to connect to RQM servers running Tomcat (54315).

About the author

John Nason is the lead developer on Rational Quality Manager located in the IBM Massachusetts Lab. Contact him at jnason@us.ibm.com.

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