CLM 2011 reporting workshop


The reporting component is a major part of the CLM 2011 release of the latest versions of Rational Team Concert, Rational Quality Manager and Rational Requirements Composer. This workshop provides insight into some of the details of the reporting component, and more importantly, helps you understand how to get started through a series of hands-on exercises.

The workshop is organized as a complementary set of presentations and workbooks. The presentations are used to set the context and give you essential background information, while the workbooks guide you through various aspects of using the reporting solution.

Using the workshop

The workshop can be utilized in a number of ways depending on the environment to which you have access:

  1. using an instance of a pre-configured image available on the IBM Demonstration Cloud
  2. using a clone of a pre-configured VMWare® Workstation virtual machine
  3. manually setting up the environment

The Setup guide included as part of the downloadable material details the actions required for each of the above options.

The workshop can also be used for individual enablement or run with an instructor leading a group of participants. While the exercises are presented in an easy-to follow format with screen shots illustrating the steps, users will get the most value if they have some experience with the Rational CLM concepts, some idea of their reporting requirements and an understanding of basic reporting concepts.

Note that this workshop should give users enough information and pointers to get started but is not a complete “training” course. It should be used in conjunction with more detailed information (e.g. Information Centers, training courses, articles). Links are provided in the workshop as appropriate.

Contents of the workshop

  • CLM2011ReportingWorkshop_SetupGuide: Environment setup guide
  • CLM2011ReportingWorkshopIntroduction: Introduction to the workshop
  • CLM2011ReportingWorkshopIntroductionWithNotes: Introduction to the workshop with Notes
  • CLM2011ReportingWorkshopAllExercises: Introduction to all the exercises
  • CLM2011ReportingWorkshopInstallationConfiguration: Notes and information related to installation, configuration and migration (covered in detail in the CLM 2011 upgrade workshop)
  • CLM2011ReportingWorkshopExercise01: Create and view a new report from an existing RRDI template from the CCM and QM application interfaces
  • CLM2011ReportingWorkshopExercise02: RRDI Query Studio – Cross application list reports; charts and crosstabs from dimensional data
  • CLM2011ReportingWorkshopExercise03: RRDI Report Studio – Create and deploy a new “Test Coverage of Requirements” QM report
  • CLM2011ReportingWorkshopExercise04: RRDI Report Studio – Modifying a sample CCM report
  • CLM2011ReportingWorkshopExercise05: RRDG/RPE – Generate, view, customize and deploy an RM document style report containing linked QM and CM data
  • Example reports used in the workshop. Only required if manually creating the environment for the workshop.


  1. Download the CLM 2011 Reporting Workshop zip files.
  2. Uncompress the zip files.
  3. Read the Setup guide and create the appropriate environment.
  4. Go through the Introduction presentation.
  5. Begin the workshop by going though the presentation for Exercise 1, then executing Lab 1 of the workshop.

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