Tip: Ensure the appropriate licenses are available for the Rational Requirements Composer upgrade

The online portion of the Requirements Management upgrade requires that a Rational Requirements Composer – Analyst CAL be available and assigned to the admin user. This license can be made available by installing trial licenses or by installing floating licenses prior to importing the RM data into the JTS 3.0.1 database. You will encounter an error when you log into the RM online migration wizard if the RRC Analyst license is not available.

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Diagnosing the problem:

If the RRC Analyst license is not available prior to importing the RM data, the user will encounter a failure in the online migration portion of the upgrade. Specifically, when the admin logs into https://server:port/rdm/web/projects/migration/, they will see an error that they do not have the required license. If the admin attempts to install the license at this time, they will encounter an error because the JTS is in read-only mode.

Avoiding the problem:

Trial licenses

In the Installation Manager wizard, select to install the “Required Base License Keys, including Trials…” with the JTS 3.0.1. The appropriate license will be assigned to the admin during the offline migration portion of the RM upgrade. The online migration wizard will prompt you to activate the license. You can activate licenses while the JTS is in read-only mode.

Floating licenses

If you are using floating licenses, you will need to install them before running the RM offline migration. If the JTS has not yet been configured and RM is the first application that is being upgraded:
  • Run the first step (Step 0) of the rm_upgrade script. This step merges the configuration files and updates the JTS teamserver.properties file. The upgrade script will display the JTS teamserver.properties file for review. Ensure that the public URI and the database connection information is accurate before saving it.
  • Stop the script execution after Step 0.
  • Start the JTS and visit the license key management page. Add the floating license CALs and set the JTS to be a floating license server.
  • Stop the JTS.
  • Execute the rm_upgrade script starting at Step 1. This step imports the RM data into the JTS database.
  • Consult the InfoCenter for instructions on completing the RM upgrade.
If the JTS has already been configured:
  • Upgrade the JTS to 3.0.1 if necessary.
  • Start the JTS.
  • Install the floating licenses.
  • Stop the JTS.
  • Start the RM offline migration by running the rm_upgrade script.
  • Consult the InfoCenter for instructions on completing the RM upgrade.

Recovering from the problem:

As of 3.0.1, there is no easy way to recover from this problem. You may need to contact support to help you perform an advanced technique to put the JTS back into write-mode so that you can install the RRC Analyst license. We are currently working on an enhancement to allow the admin to perform this technique themselves. We will update this tip when it is available.

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