Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration Workshop

Notes: You should consider doing the Lyo-based Integrating Products with OSLC tutorial instead of (or in addition to) the OSLC Workshop. The Lyo SDK (pronounced lee-o) is an implementation of OSLC that hides much of the complexity of OSLC. Lyo is for developers who want to use OSLC to support a specific need such as retrieving information from another lifecycle product.

Use the Lyo tutorial if you need to:

  • Exchange information or links with OSLC enabled products
  • Create an OSLC enabled product (a product that provides or consumes information via OSLC)

Use the OSLC Workshop if you need to:

  • Implement some part of the OSLC specification (such as wrapping the OSLC REST calls in a higher-level API)
  • Learn more about the details of the OSLC specification

This training material is an evolving document and incremental improvements will be published on a regular basis. Feedback is welcome. Please direct your comments, questions, and suggestions to Rosa Naranjo (


The workshop will help guide you to leverage the Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) standard interfaces for interoperating with IBM Rational Team Concert as well as other Jazz-based products. These labs will highlight key aspects by leveraging web browser access and programmatic access via Java client programs. The final lab will illustrate by an example how to write your own server using Java servlets. This lab is based on the OSLC-CM 2.0 and OSLC-RM 2.0 Specification. After you complete these labs, you will have a good foundation by which to leverage OSLC to implement an interoperability project.

Remember that you can always find additional information on OSLC at the OSLC Home Webpage, and also at


The labs of this workshop have been updated to support CLM 5.0.


You can download the OSLC Workshop: Consumer and Producer Lab PDF and the workshop source files from the OSLC Workshop Download page on the Wiki.

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