Rational Team Concert 2.0 Deployment Planning Guide

Note:This article is outdated and is replaced by Rational Solution for Collaborative Lifecycle Management 2012 deployment guide in the Deployment wiki. In the future, all deployment guidance and best practices will be published in the Deployment wiki rather than as Jazz.net articles.

Rational Team Concert 2.0 supports several thousand users on a single server instance. However, in these large deployments there are careful steps to consider in order to ensure that the server capacity and tuning is appropriate for the anticipated user load.

The main features in Team Concert that make it adaptable for enterprise deployments are the following:

  • Optimized for globally distributed teams with a very WAN friendly protocol.
  • Re-use of existing administrative and enterprise directory services such as LDAP or Active Directory.
  • Can integrate into your enterprise database with support for either Oracle, DB2, or SqlServer.
  • Can support 2000 users on a single repository instance or configurations with several repositories.
  • Support for 100s of projects on the same server while restricting read access to artifacts in the different project areas.
  • Support for sharing floating licenses across geographies.

Steps for planning your infrastructure

  1. Understand your hardware requirements and configuration options using our sizing guide.
  2. If you have existing data in a Team Concert 1.0.X repository, plan your data migration.
  3. For optimal performance, check out the tuning guide.
  4. Configuring for High Availability.

Migrating artifacts into your repository

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