Considerations for reporting on Rhapsody Design Manager data by using the Report Builder technology preview


This technology preview was available for versions 6.0.3 to 6.0.6 is now closed. The preview is not available for versions and later.
Instead, you can generate reports on artifacts by using IBM® Rational® Publishing Engine. The following topics can help you get started:
– Rhapsody® Model Manager
– Rhapsody Design Manager

If you are not already using the preview, do not start using it. Talk to your system administrator or IBM representative about your requirements.


You cannot use the technology preview to report on data from the Rational Rhapsody Simulink and Documentation domains.

Rich hovers don’t work for Design Management (DM) artifacts. When you hover over a DM artifact in a report, no additional information is provided.

When you generate data from a Rational Rhapsody Design Manager project and you use the Enable Global Index (LQE) for project resources from all configurations setting, the project is shown in the Limit the scope section in Report Builder, regardless of which LQE data source you use: Lifecycle Query Engine, or Lifecycle Query Engine scoped by a configuration

In Report Builder, configuration enabled projects are shown in the Limit the scope section only if the data source is Lifecycle Query Engine (LQE) scoped by a configuration.

All DM projects are configuration-enabled, so they are listed in the Limit the scope section regardless of your LQE data source. Don’t select System DM projects for your report because they don’t contain any artifacts.

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