Workarounds: Jazz Team Server problems in CLM 4.0.3

The following known problems are related to Jazz Team Server in the CLM 4.0.3 release.


The following problems in this release have workarounds:


The following problems in this release do not currently have workarounds:

Workaround summary


If a server contains a project area that is set to private (an access control setting other than “Everyone”) and the list of members with access is empty (such as the project area hierarchy, or an access list), along with the administrator list, then that project area can sometimes be seen as an invalid context. This mostly occurs during a version-to-version upgrade. If a migration fails because an item’s context is indicated as not a valid context, this could be the reason.


If you find that an item cannot be saved because its context is invalid (during a migration or other operation), Complete these steps:

  1. Make sure the server is started. Navigate to the administrative interface for the project area which contains the item.
  2. Click on the “Access Control” option in the navigation bar on the left of the page.
  3. Verify if the access control option is set to something other than “Everyone”. If it is set to include members of an access list, check if there are any members in that list.
  4. If there are no members in the access list and the proejct area is private, navigate back to the main page of the project area administrative interface.
  5. Check if there are any members or administrators of the group. If there are not, then this is most likely the cause of the context problem.
  6. Add a member or administrator to the group.
  7. Retry the action that was blocked because of an invalid context.
  8. Remove the temporary member or administrator from the group

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Limitation summary


Admininstrators can no longer use the Advanced Properties settings to specify a name and location for the log file that tracks the use of floating licenses. If logging is enabled, a log file named floatingLicenseLogFile.csv is created in the installation_location/server/logs folder. In a clustered environment, each node has its own instance of the log file with a subset of data. To obtain the complete log, files from all nodes must be merged together.

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