Workaround: Report design editor cannot open BIRT report when it exists in a Rational Team Concert sandbox

Workaround Summary

Opening a BIRT report for editing that exists in a Rational Team Concert sandbox results in a warning that the file is not valid or does not exist.


When you attempt to open the report, you get an error that the report is not valid or does not exist. The report opens in a text editor instead of the report designer. This occurs when the report is located in the Rational Team Concert sandbox when using BIRT 4.2.2 and older.


The fix is expected to be included for Eclipse 4.3 (see Eclipse bug in Related Information). Installing Rational Team Concert into Eclipse 4.3 or later fixes the issue. Another workaround is to patch your existing BIRT installation with the binary provided in the Eclipse bug. There is a patch provided for BIRT 2.6.2, which is for Eclipse 3.6.2. For Eclipse 4.2.2 users that have BIRT 4.2.2 installed, a patch has also been created. Use an archive manager to replace the class files in<version>.jar with the ones provided in the patch.

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