Content Packages for IBM Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager


A content package is a bundle of predefined views and queries deployed by the administrator. The “Sample” content package is available initially, but others can be downloaded, installed, and deployed.

How to Install a Content Package

Content packages must be installed on the machine hosting the Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager server.

  1. Log into the machine where Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager is installed and running.
  2. Extract the content package under RELM_HOME/server/conf/relm/contents.

How to Deploy the Content Package

Installed content packages are deployed from the administration interface.

  1. Using a browser, log into your Rational Engineering Lifecycle Manager server: https://hostname:port/relm/web
  2. Select a project.
  3. From the Administration menu (the gear icon in the panel), select Deploy Predefined Contents. The Deploy Predefined Content Packages page is displayed.
  4. Click Deploy for the desired content package from the list.

Predefined Content Packages

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