Source control

The Source Control component of Rational Team Concert is a component-based version control system built on the Jazz platform. Its focus is on supporting geographically distributed teams and has strong support for parallel and agile development. It's built from the ground up to support a highly integrated collaborative development environment, integration with defect tracking, integration with builds, and process-centric automation.

Change sets

The storage model is entirely change set based which provide atomic changes to sets of files. Change sets are the base currency and can be shared via work items, suspended, discarded, and reverted.



Teams own a set of streams which provide a simple mechanism for sharing change sets between team members. Streams can be created easily for ad-hoc collaborations, and from builds to reproduce shipped products. In addition, streams provide an efficient scaling mechanism where teams of teams can be isolated and flow changes into stream hierarchies as integration is needed.


Component development

Instead of combining all your change sets in the same namespace, components provide an addition composition mechanism to organize work in the same repository. Files are grouped into change sets which belong to a specific component and components are grouped into streams.

Task integration

Because everything is change set based, it's easy to switch between tasks by suspending and resuming change sets. You don't have to think about branching or tagging, just put aside your changes and get back to them later.

Move and rename tracking

Full support for tracking file renames and moves in addition to merging support for structural conflicts.


Parallel development

You'll never have to remember to tag or label files in order to patch or start a maintenance line. Several levels of built-in parallel development exist to make it easy to isolate your work, or your team's work, as needed.

Repository workspaces – Provides constant isolation. You don't have to make your changes visible to the team just to backup or use the repository features.

Suspend and Resume – Provides task level isolation for personal work.

Work Item links – Provides lightweight task level isolation for personal of team work. Work on a feature, attach to a work item and discard from your workspace. You or someone else continues the work by accepting the change sets back into their repository workspace.

Streams – Provides team isolation.

Development lines – Provides process isolation.

Change set searching

If you want to find the changes that your intern made last week, or find that README.TXT file that you deleted last month, you can use the powerful change set search features.


Process integration

Quickly implement continuous integration and other agile processes. Support customization based on the process being used by your team.


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