Developer Mailing Lists

We use developer mailing lists to coordinate the ongoing development of Jazz-based products. These lists are the way design and implementation issues are discussed and decisions voted on by the Jazz development team. Mailing lists are generally not the right place to ask questions about using or extending Jazz - those questions are best asked in the Forum.

Think about the following before you post to a developer mailing list:

  1. Would your question be better asked in a Forum? If in doubt, try there first!
  2. To report a bug, open a work item from the My Stuff page.
  3. Consider reading "How to ask questions the smart way" by Eric Raymond and Rick Moen.
  4. Please see our Terms of Use.

You must subscribe to a list in order to be able to post to it. So if you still think the mailing list is the way to go, then subscribe to the list and and monitor the traffic for a few days to get a feel for what kinds of topics are appropriate, before you post. And don't be offended if someone still asks you to take your question to the Forum instead!

Issues related to the use of the Jazz development mailing lists should be forwarded to the webmaster.

Community-wide mailing lists:
mailing list jazz-dev Archive The extended Jazz development community. Subscribe to this to get all the latest updates from the development team on site and application outages, news, development updates, and team announcements.
Project mailing lists:
mailing list jazz-foundation-dev Archive Contributors to the Jazz Foundation project
mailing list rtc-dev Archive Contributors to the Rational Team Concert project
Component and other mailing lists:
mailing list rtc-ee-dev Archive Contributors to the Enterprise Extension Components