Creating domains

You can create the domains that your organization requires for its projects. You can create domains that use different combinations of ontologies and document classes, so that project teams can create domain-specific resources.

Before you begin

You must have JazzAdmins privileges in Design Management.


  1. Open the Domains project area: Click the Home icon, and under Design Management, click Domains.
  2. On the toolbar, click Designs, and under Create Design Resource, click Domain.
  3. On the Domain page, specify the details for the domain:
    1. Specify a unique title and description for the domain.
    2. Specify the ontology or ontologies that the domain uses. In the Ontologies section, click Add, and in the Add Ontology window, either select an existing ontology or create a new one; then click OK.

      You can also add default profiles, such as those supported in Rational® Software Architect.

    3. Configure the details of the domain by clicking the Add or Add All links on the header of each section in the editor.
  4. Click Save. The domain is now displayed in the Explorer view.


You can now associate the domain with one or more project areas. By completing this step, you can create the design resources that are available in the ontologies that the domain uses.