Creating and managing custom domains

You can create the ontologies that define the language that your organization uses, and then create domains that use those ontologies. See for information about defining domains and their tooling by using the Design Management domain toolkit.

About this task

For information about domain concepts, see Domain Concepts on

For information about creating domains, and having custom model constraints and form editors that allow editing of ontology instances, see the Domain Creation Guide on

For information about adding custom editor definitions, which includes customizing the default editor for instances of a model and adding editor constraints, see Customizing Default Editor Definitions on

For information about adding model constraints, see Adding Model Constraints on

The following high-level steps describe how to create a custom domain and then create instances of that domain:
  1. Create an ontology.
  2. Create a domain that uses the new ontology. A domain can use multiple ontologies.
  3. Add the custom domain to a project area. Multiple project areas can share a domain.
  4. Create instances of the design resources that are contained in the custom domain.