Design Management components

Design Management supports a collaborative approach to software and systems architecture and design. To integrate design in to your specific lifecycle and environment, you can use the approach that best fits your needs.
Several components are available to enable the design management capability and support different usage scenarios:
  • The Design Management Server, which provides the central repository of design artifacts and the services for collaborative design management.
  • The Design Manager Import Engine, which imports design artifacts from either Rational® Software Architect or Rational Rhapsody® into the central Jazz™ Team Server.
  • The Design Manager Client Extension, which integrates Design Management functions with either Rational Software Architect or Rational Rhapsody.
  • The Web Client, which provides access to design management capabilities from any supported web browser.

Rational Software Architect and Rational Rhapsody each use separate, specialized versions of the Design Management import engine and client extension components.

As the following diagram illustrates, the component-based architecture provides a flexible installation strategy. The supported deployment strategies range from evaluation (where all the components are installed on a single workstation) to a fully distributed deployment.

A sketch showing the Design Management components and how they relate to each other.