Restricting access to work items

For each work item you can restrict read access so that only members of a specific project area or members of an access group can see the work item.

Before you begin

To restrict access to specific work items, your project administrator must add the Restricted Access presentation to the work item editor so that the Restricted Access field appears in the work item editor.

About this task

By default, read access for work items is determined by the following:
  1. Access control settings for the project area to which the work item belongs. A user who does not have access to the project area cannot access the work item. See Restricting read access to project areas for details. You cannot override this restriction.
  2. Restricted Access setting for the category against which the work item is filed. If the project administrator restricts access to a work item category, only members of the team area (and members of child team areas) that is associated with the work item category can access work items that are filed against that category.

For each work item, you can override the work item category restricted access setting and specify a different project area, an access group, or Public, which refers to all users in the repository. An access group can consist of project areas, team areas, and specific users.


  1. In the work item:
    • Select the project area in which the work item is created to use the access control settings and work item category restricted access settings defined in that project area. This is the default option.
    • Select an access group, other project area, or Public.
    Screen capture of an access group being selected in the Restricted Access field in work item editor of the web client.
  2. Click Save to save the work item.
    Note: You cannot view the restricted access controls until you add the restricted access presentation.


After you restrict access to a work item to members of a project area or access group, users who are not members of the specified project area or access group cannot access the work item directly, and the work item is not shown in their query results.