Predefining queries

In addition to the predefined queries in the project area process template, you can create predefined queries that are available to all team areas in the project.


To create predefined queries in the Eclipse client:

  1. In the Team Artifacts view of the Work Items perspective, right-click the project area and select Open.
  2. Click the Process Configuration tab. Expand Process Configuration > Configuration Data > Work Items. Click Predefined Queries.
    Note: For most queries in the Predefined Queries list, you can edit the query name and description. However, the following predefined queries in the Scrum template cannot be modified or removed because they support default functionality that is included in the user interface, for example, the Team Dashboard:
    • New unassigned
    • Recently created
    • Open assigned to me
  3. Click Add and locate a query to add to the list of predefined queries. To remove a query from the list, select it and click Remove.
    Important: To remove a Predefined Query, you must remove it from the Process Configuration as well as from the list of queries in Work Items > Shared Queries > Predefined. To remove a predefined query:
    • In the Team Artifacts view, select Work Items > Shared Queries > Predefined.
    • Locate your predefined query and click Remove.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.


The predefined query is displayed in the Work Items > Shared Queries > Predefined folder in the Team Artifacts view.

In addition to using this procedure to add queries to the set of predefined queries, you can share a query with a team area or all team areas that belong to the project area. To share the query, on the Details tab of the Query editor, click Share > Team or Project Area.