Linking work items to plans in the web client

You can link a work item to a plan item that you create in the change and configuration management application or a test plan that you create in a quality management application.


  1. In the Work Item Editor, click the Links tab.
  2. In the Links section, click Add, then select one of the following options, as appropriate:
    • Add Affects Plan Item
    • Add Related Test Plan
  3. In the Artifact Link Dialog window, select the location of the plan. If the plan is on a remote repository, and you are prompted to authenticate, log in by using your credentials for the server of the remote repository, which is displayed in the Authorization Required window.
  4. Select Link to existing, then click OK.

    If the plan item or test plan that you want to link to does not exist yet, select Create new, then click OK. Create a plan item or test plan in the project that you selected, and then link to the plan.

  5. In the Select Plan Item or Select Test Plan window, select the plan that you want to link to the work item. Click OK.


The Links section of the work item is updated to show the Affects Plan or Related Test Plan link. You can also see the link in the Quick Information section of the Overview tab.

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