Linking Engineering Rhapsody Model Manager models and local work items

You can link IBM® Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody® - Model Manager (RMM) models to your local work items.

Before you begin

Engineering Rhapsody Model Manager is an extension for an IBM Engineering Workflow Management (EWM) server, rather than a separate Architecture Management application. This means that it is no longer necessary to maintain a separate RMM server, and you can now use a single CCM server to manage models, source code, and work items.

About this task

To link RMM models to work items, you must first enable Architecture Management in the project area in the web client:


  1. To enable Architecture Management in the project area:
    1. Open the administrative page for your project area, and select Architecture Management.
    2. Click Enable Architecture Management:
    3. You may see a warning dialogue that states: After you enable Architecture Management, you cannot disable it. Do you want to continue?, and you can click OK:
    4. You now see a few more options on the Architecture Management page:
      Enable AM options
      You can select any of the following properties:
      • Restrict OSLC links create to the Default OSLC Context
      • Label Mode
      • Disable display of remote artifacts in Rhapsody Client
    5. If you want to create OSLC links from architecture elements to work items in your project area, save the project area after enabling Architecture Management, and then click Overview, and in the Association section, click Add. In the Add Association page, select your application. in the Association field, select Uses - Change Requests, and in the Artifact Containers field, select your project area, and click OK:
      Add Association
  2. You can now link your work items to RMM artifacts.

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