Including process guidance in the work item editor

You can customize the work item editor to include a link to process guidance, such as the process description, to help users learn about the work item type. When you hover over such a link, a preview of the guidance provided by the link target is displayed.

About this task

To add links in work items to process guidance, add a Static Rich Text editor presentation to a section of the work item editor. You can add links to process guidance from within a project area or a process template. You use a pop-up editor to insert links and format text in bold or italic font. As with the Description and Discussion fields, keywords such as work item, defect, task, and @user-name are rendered as links.

In addition to linking to the process description for the process that your team uses, such as Scrum or Formal Project Management Process, you might want to link to a sample work item so that users can see how to complete the fields of a work item of this type.


  1. Open the Editor Presentations page:
    • In the Team Artifacts view of the Work Items perspective, right-click the project area and select Open.
    • In the Process Templates view of the Work Items perspective, double-click the template to open it.
    1. Click the Process Configuration tab.
    2. Expand Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Work Items, then click Editor Presentations.
  2. In the Choose the Editor Presentation to edit field, select the editor for the work item type to which you want to add links to process guidance .
  3. Navigate to the section where you want to add the Static Rich Text presentation. For example, the figure below highlights the Details section on the Overview tab.
    Screen capture of Editor Presentations window. The Overview tab entry is expanded to show the Details section selected.
  4. Add the presentation.
    1. Click Add Presentation.
    2. Select Non-Attribute-based Presentation.
    3. In the Kind field, select Static Rich Text.
    4. Right-click in the Rich Text field and select Insert Hyperlink.
    5. In the Label field, enter your text. In the URL field, enter the URL of the process guidance. You can also format text as bold or italic font.
    6. Click OK.
      Screen capture of Add Presentation window. The Static Rich Text Kind is selected. In the Rich Text field, the context menu shows the Insert Hyperlink command selected.
  5. By default, the new presentation is added after all of the other presentations in the section. You can drag the new presentation to where you want it to appear. For example, if you provide guidance about the work item type, you might want the Static Rich Text presentation immediately after the Type presentation.
  6. Click Save to save your changes to the project area.


Work items of the work item type that uses the editor presentation to which you added the Static Rich Text presentation now include that Static Rich Text presentation. For existing work items that are open in the client, you need to re-open the work items to see the change. Users can click the links to navigate to process guidance or sample work items.

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