Customizing work items in the web client

You can customize the Work Items component to include specific types of work items and to support the development process that your team follows.

About this task

Other than work item categories, you customize most aspects of the Work Items component by using the Work Items editors available in the Project Area Management page. You customize categories by using the Project Area Categories tab in the project area editor, and iterations by using the Project Area Timelines tab. Examples of customization include defining a state transition model; adding priority and severity levels; requiring that users provide values for specific attributes; and adding predefined queries.
Restriction: Some customizations are supported in the Eclipse interface only. See Customizing work items in the Eclipse client for information about customizing work items in the Eclipse client.


To access the work items customization pages in the Project Area Administration page of the web client, complete these steps:

  1. In the web client, open the Home menu and select All Projects in the Change and Configuration Management section project list.
  2. In the All Projects page, click the Manage Project button next to the name of the project for which you want to customize work items.
  3. In the Project Area Management page, click the Work Items link.

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