Creating child work items in the web client

You can create a child work item in the work item editor.


  1. Open a work item that you want to create a child work item for. Click Create Child Work Item:

    Add child work item

    Alternatively, you can create a child work item directly from a plan view. In the list of work items in a plan, click the icon beside the work item for which you want to create a child, and select Create Child Work Item, and select the work item type from the list: Quick create child work item

    Important: The child work items created in the work item editor, plan editor, or the task break down view of Quick Planner inherits the default values for the Filed Against and Planned For attributes from the parent work item.
  2. In the new work item page, create the child work item. Click Save to save the work item.
  3. You can configure the default child work item type. Open the Manage Project Area for your project, and select Work Items > Types and Attributes > Default Child Work Item Type. The default is Defect, but you can change it to any other work item type that is defined in your project template.

    Default child work item type

What to do next

The work item is ready to be worked on. For information on working on and resolving work items, see Working on and resolving work items.

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