Configuring a role-based user list value set

You can configure a value set customization that you can use to populate a Contributor type custom attribute with a list of users who are assigned a specific role.

About this task

This task uses the Role Based User List value set provider to populate a custom Contributor attribute with the list of users who have a specific role. The example shown below creates a custom attribute named Stakeholders and populates that attribute with users who have the Stakeholder role.


  1. Open the Attribute Customization page:
    1. In the Team Artifacts view of the Work Items perspective, right-click the project area and select Open.
    2. Click the Process Configuration tab.
    3. Expand Project Configuration > Configuration Data > Work Items, and then click Attribute Customization.
  2. Select Value Sets, then click Add. Enter a name that describes the customization. Select Role Based User List from the Provider drop-down list.
    Screen capture of Add Configuration window with Role Based User list selected in the Provider field.
  3. In the Configuration section, click Add Role. Select the Stakeholder role to retrieve all users in the project area who have the Stakeholder role. For roles that are defined in a team area rather than in the project area, you can select the team area that is associated with the work item or another team area in the Role Comes From field.
    Screen capture of Add role window with the Stakeholder role selected.
  4. Click Attributes and Types. Select the work item type, such as Defect or Task. Scroll to the Attributes section. Click Add. Create a custom attribute named Stakeholder of type Contributor. Select Stakeholders in the Value Set field. Click OK.
    Screen capture of Add Custom Attribute window for Stakeholder attribute with Stakeholders selected in Value Set field.
  5. Click Editor Presentations. Select the editor presentation to which you want to add a field for the new attribute. Select the tab and then section to which you want to add the field. For example, the Details section on the Overview tab. With the section selected, click Add Presentation to add the field for the new attributes.
    Note: The dropdown list for the new field contains a More entry, which users can select to navigate to other users, some of whom might not have the Stakeholder role. To prevent the More entry from appearing, select Generic Combo in the Kind field of the presentation.
  6. Click Save to save your changes to the project area.


When you create or open a work item, the editor now includes the Stakeholder field, which has a dropdown list that is populated with all users who have the Stakeholder role.